Back In Blackletter

For this project I was given an article and some accompanying photography and asked to lay out the type.

"Back in Blackletter," is an article written by Sean Ashcroft that discusses the rise in popularity of the blackletter faces in branding. There had been a stigma around blackletter faces after their use by Germany during the Second World War but recently it has been making a comeback.

According to the article, blackletter was being used by the fashion industry among other places. With that in mind I decided to layout the article as if it were in a high fashion magazine about typography that I named TREND. I treated the fonts as fashion. There is an artist named Pokras Lampas that was doing calligraphy on woman and I used his photographs to created fake advertisements for different blackletter fonts. I also included some real brands that use blackletter like Juicy Couture and Urban Decay. For the cover I used Photoshop to add the green makeup "S" to the model's face, and I added some other fake article titles to give it the fashion magazine look.

Art Director: Kelly Holohan

Article: Sean Ashcroft

Calligraphy on Girls: Pokras Lampas
Photography: Igor Koshelev

Student Project at Tyler School of Art