Brain Wash: Thought Reform System

Brain Wash is a satirical soap company that specializes in mind manipulations. This kit is made for the CIA agent on the go. It provides the agent with everything needed to effectively brainwash their target. On the inside cover there is a mission briefing that tells the user how the kit works and in what order to use the products for effective brainwashing. The three products inside are "Identity Cleanse" an exfoliating facial scrub to  wipe away the targets identity and leaves them a blank slate ready to be conditioned. The next step is the "Thought Conditioner." This two in one hair care that conditions the target's behavior, attitude, and beliefs, with a simple rinse and repeat process. Last we have the "Mental Moisturizer." This product smooths rough edges and prepares the target to blend back into society. It is the finishing touch that ensures the target will retain their indoctrination under any circumstance.

First I should say that Brainwashing, in the conventional sense of thought control, is a myth. With that out of the way, I had a lot of fun doing research for this project. I read quite a few articles about the concept of brainwashing and picked up key phrases and concepts that I used to add to the authenticity of my body copy. Then I read a lot of soap packaging and blended the two together. I also watched the Manchurian Candidate staring Frank Sinatra, but I would have done that anyway.

I picked up the color palette and ruled lines from Interoffice envelopes. The redacted type and label maker typography added to the feeling of classified, covert agency, documents. I also distressed the package and added scraps of tape to make the kit appear that it had been in circulation for many years.

Art Director: Paul Scheriff

Student Project at Tyler School of Art