Burning Man 2016

This project was a re-brand of the Burning Man Festival.


The festival organizers pride themselves on being environmental friendly, adopting a "Leave No Trace," attitude. The festival is said to rise, flourish, and burn, to rise next year from the ashes. This brought to mind the legendary phoenix that follows a similar life cycle of flourish, burn, and rebirth from the ashes.

Included with the price of a ticket, festival goers would receive a double sided poster that talks about the Burning Man festival and gives more information about the 2016 art theme. They would also receive a t-shirt with the burning man phoenix emblazoned on the back. Also in keeping with the "Leave No Trace," attitude I branded a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated in the Nevada desert, and a reusable unisex satchel to keep personal items while enjoying everything Burning Man has to offer.

Art Director: Paul Scheriff

Student Project at Tyler School of Art