Griddle Me This

The idea behind Griddle Me This was to create a menu that was interactive and fun to read. Every page has riddles, visual puzzles or games to keep you entertained while you wait for your food.


I took some inspiration from the Dadaist movement of the early twentieth century by breaking conventional typographic rules and embracing the absurd. I treated every page as a chance to push my skills with typography and create something memorable.

Art Director: Scott Laserow

Student Project at Tyler School of Art

Every customer will also have an answer key place mat in front of them so if they want to check their answers or get stumped on a tough riddle they can put on the Griddle Glasses and reveal the answers laid before them.

These glasses use red reveal optics. The red acetate blocks out the red question mark pattern to show the light blue printing that is usually obscured. It took a bit of trial and error to get the blue and red colors just right, and the pattern dense enough to hide the blue without the glasses, and show it perfectly clear when wearing them.